About us

Hello Fashion Lady,
Nice that you have found us and you for
Our plussey fashion interested!
My name is Dani and together with my family 
Since 2013, we have run the Plussize Onlineshop QueensSize.
During this time we have the confidence and the sympathy
won a large number of customers.
That makes us very proud. QueensSize is
For unusual plussefashion
Away from everyday gray "sacks" that
Curvygirls are presented by the fashion industry.
QueensSize is based on the latest trends,
So that Curvygirls who shop with us are also shopping
Always fashionable and stylish can feel.
Individuality is very important to us.
We pass our online shop with passion
And attention to detail. We pay attention to good quality, attractive prizes,
Innovative substances and excellent customer service.
  • Our team stands with words and deeds,
If there are questions about products or orders.
We present our collections regularly
About our storiesAt Instagram and Facebook.
QueensSize stands for self-confident women who know
What you want and who have self-confidence,
Just to be you yourself and wear what you like.

Our motto: Look forward to everything that comes from QueensSize!

Your QueensSize Team